Dan Cioper likens himself a folk singer but he spreads his musical ventures out over anything organic. From reggae to blues, it’s all Americana to him!

He has written hundreds of tunes since he started down the singer-songwriter path in Austin, Texas in 2002. His subject matter is often deep and sometimes political and/or spiritual and he sings from the heart.

People have likened his voice to Paul Simon or Bob Dylan depending on the song. He also knows hundreds of cover songs, mostly from 60’s classic rock, soul, and folk. So he’s able to sing the tunes that people love to sing along to.

Dan can play Otis Redding, Leonard Cohen, Lynard Skynard, Al Green, Van Morrison, etc.. (You get the idea). He’s heavily influenced by The Beatles and is in the process of learning Delta Blues slide guitar.

Give him a listen – it wont be the same show twice!

The following is a review of his 2011 release, "Warrior Utopian" posted in the March 2011 issue of Babysue:

"If you ever find yourself yearning for the days of decades gone by when songs on the radio were actually credible and good...you may very well find yourself instantly falling in love with the music of Dan Cioper. Though most folks are probably not familiar with his name (yet)...Cioper has been a very busy and active man during the past few years. Since 2003 he has written and recorded over one hundred songs and self released six full-length albums. Originally from Chicago Daniel now resides in Austin...which seems like a much more appropriate place for him given the style of music he's into. The songs on Warrior Utopian are of the singer/songwriter variety...once very popular on the FM radio circuit in the 1970s and 1980s. With a bit of luck, this guy could easily find himself with tons of fans all over the world. He's got the tunes...he's got the voice...and most importantly...he's got the presence and personality to pull it off. Eleven superb hummable tracks here including "Billionaire Mother Theresa," "Coming Up," "Man In Rags," and "Drug Dealer." Top pick."

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