Dan Cioper has been writing and performing in the U.S. since 2003.  He has played a number of clubs and coffee shops in Austin, T.X. (where he lived from 2002-2013) and played many activist rallies for causes such as Occupy Wall Street and the Million Musician's March For Peace.  His songs aim to bring political and spiritual awareness in a time when apathy and distraction are so prevalent. 

He has met many challenges, both personal and professional, over the years but this has not stopped him from creating and keeping faith alive.  Searching for new place and community from which to create, the road has brought him, in 2015, to Eugene, Oregon, with a year-long stop in Sacramento, C.A. in 2014.  The funky atmosphere of Eugene and the lush nature seems the perfect place to build something new for him.  And so the new day begins.

The early influence on Dan's songwriting came from the early recordings of Bob Dylan.  Dylan's ill-at-ease statement on modern society and it's absurdities, along with his charisma, seemed so familiar as though they were Dan's own thoughts.  The simplicity of folk music provided the perfect path into songwriting and performing.  So, in 2002, Dan picked up the guitar that he learned how to play years before and began writing songs to express his feelings.  In the post-911 paradoxical time of turbulence and strange conformity this seemed the urgent response to a world on edge.  His aspiration of becoming a filmmaker would at least have to be postponed.

In 2005, he and some friends came together to make an album of Christmas tunes to give to family they titled "Love And Presence" and the band, "The Lovers" was formed.  Their full-length collaborative album of original music  was released in 2008. (http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/loversaustin).  They played around Austin for the next four years at coffee shops and festivals. And their colorful style and fun, jammy nature earned them a small cult following.  Think a cross between "Peter Paul and Mary"  and "Jefferson Airplane".

All the while Dan kept writing songs, recording and performing solo, releasing a number of self-produced recordings.  (http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/cioper) (http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/cioper2)

Dan released a full length album in 2011 called "Warrior Utopian" which was produced by Courtney Audain (Timbuk 3) and featured many of Austin's best musicians. He finished it amid the death of his fiance, Starr, of cancer, who was a co-singer/songwriter in "The Lovers". The album has a couple love songs that were written for her in happier times and also has a strong political and spiritual message with full orchestration in genres of pop, reggae and rock.  (http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/danielcioper).

It was a top-pick in the March 2011 edition of Babysue:

Much has come from Cioper's experiences with personal loss and transformation.  He took to the open road in search of a more formidable place in which to perform his message music. The west-coast, for the time being seems to be the place.  He is currently culling the crop of 5 years of material and plans to release new songs very soon while he finds the right musicians to play his brand of reggae-rock-gospel-protest music.