Dan Cioper is a singer/songwriter currently residing in the Pacific North-West.  He plays acoustic folk/rock and reggae with an emphasis on awakening the human spirit and singing truth to power. Influenced by the classics in the American songbook of the 60's and 70's, organic music is the tool at his fingertips and lips as he seeks to resurrect the Zeitgeist, or "spirit of the times".

He had been recording and performing in and around Austin, Texas for the last 12 years, releasing a number of self-produced demos of his original material.  He played in the psychedelic folk band, "The Lovers", and made an album with them.  They had a small cult following in Austin but now are no longer.

In 2011 Cioper released his solo LP, "Warrior Utopian", which included many of Austin's top musicians and was produced by Courtney Audain (Timbuk 3).  It earned top pick in the March 2011 issue of Babysue (http://www.babysue.com/2011-March-LMNOP-Reviews.html#anchor792035).

Seeking a new frontier and audience, in winter of 2013, Cioper made his way north-west where he continues to be engaged in causes for change, playing rallies and benefits. Incorporating classic folk and rock tunes Cioper sometimes busks on the street and plays pubs and coffee shops as well.  He's currently working on a long-awaited new album and seeking to form a band.

Be sure to check out the show listings and music!  For booking contact: dancioper@gmail.com or call (541) 912-4992.

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